Oh, life.


I really should be updating this more often. 

But since I write for a living, I find it kind of nerdy to be writing on my spare time as well.  But since I have a little time to kill here at work (aka procrastinating) I decided to drop by and say hi to the 42 people that read my blog (I checked out my stats so that’s a real number OK).

So far 2014 has been treating me relatively decently.  Aside from the occasional rugs pulled under me, i’ve been able to hold my ground pretty well (or so I think).  I gave up (what was left of) my social life last year, and decided to just focus on my career for 2014.  I’ve dodged most personal life issues and just plunged head first into this whole advertising business that seems to…

If there’s anything i’ve learned from last year’s past events, is to shut the fuck up.

I am shutting the fuck up.

Good day!