Look at this!! I’m blogging (almost) everyday!

Today is Tuesday, and in my quest to become a more responsible citizen of the online world, this will be the day where I give out useful tips in life.  Tips that I use and not just dish out, mind you.

Anyway, I just started working for a new agency recently.  I dove into my new job head first, leaving my old job on a Friday and starting the new one Monday.  I don’t have a deathwish, but I do have dedication!

Where am I going with this again?

Ah!  Since the day I set foot in my new job, work has not stopped coming in.  So to help me with concentrating on the jobs that I have to do, I listen to binaural beats to keep my brain awake and focused.  I don’t know if it’s just a placebo, or that I have a weak brain, but hey, this weak brain is churning out work like a motherfucker!

Binaural Beats has been my jam since 2012, when I was researching on “how to calm the mind”.  I think too much (if you haven’t noticed) and my brain, much like me, WILL NOT SHUT UP.  It has to have an opinion about everything.  Everything I see, I have to over-analyse.  Like strange words and how they’re shaped, how much the sound of static scares me, people who resemble of inanimate objects, witty things that I wish I told people who annoy me, misplaced sharp notes, the effect of teleportation in society, the pros of buying a trampoline, what I really want for dinner vs what I think I want for dinner… really dumb stuff that tend to clutter my mind.

Where am I going with this again?

Ah, I was researching on how to calm the mind when I stumbled on the vibration of the earth (7.8 hz), and other new age shit.

Since I discovered binaural beats, i’ve been using it religiously.   I’ve given up on trying to calm the mind.  But it does help me focus and concentrate.  I find that i’m more productive when I’m listening to Binaural Beats (and/or classical music) Basically, anything that has no words.  Worse when it’s Hanson because I sing along to dat shit like it had a purpose.

So before I totally forget, Binaural Beats!

If you have other tips on concentration and other things, feel free to leave a comment!

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