Weird Shit Thursdays


Before I unveil my selected weird shit, I will make kwento first.

I already had a post that I wrote LAST Thursday but it somehow disappeared from my drafts folder.  So now i’m going to have to re-do it all over again.

Mercury retrograde is looming.  I had planned in getting my clearance from my old job done this Monday.  I had a 4pm edit near the area anyway, so I figured… perfect!  I’ll run to old office, get my clearance signed, then run to edit place.  But of course, my previous meeting went on for far too long, so I got lazy and decided to delay getting my clearance from my old job… indefinitely.  But while I was procrastinating in the veranda of my new office (I was reading Tita Susan OK), I read that the Retrograde would start next week, which prompted me to get my lazy ass off the veranda and continue with my scheduled clearance day.

So yay!  I’m hoping to pick up my paycheck next month so I can finally buy a bike! (or a La-Z-Boy, or maybe finally pay off my Credit Card in full).

There, that’s my useless kwento.  On to Weird Shit Thursdays!

This Thursday, I bring you…

THE AVN AWARDS!  It’s the Oscars of the Porn World where they award the best of bedroom athletics!

You’ll see all your favorite stars in the red carpet, fully dressed and being slightly normal human beings!  Which I find weird, hence the clip made it to my #WST.

Enjoy, Motherfuckers!


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