Wala sa hulog at posibleng may sore eyes.


There’s an epidemic going on in the office.  And that is sore eyes.  My strat planner (who sits next to me) got it last Friday.  My Art Director just got it today.  Slowly but surely, it’s creeping up to me.  I don’t know if it’s just in my head, but my eyes are feeling really itchy and hot.

I’m hoping it’s just in my head.

Because I really don’t want to be down with Sore Eyes considering it’s a long weekend and I plan to do some major eat, pray, love shit somewhere (probably at home, because i’m too scared to go out of town alone).  And since I was able to get an extension for the long weekend (replacement time!) I plan to be productive.  Maybe go PX goods shopping while crying, I don’t know.

Luckily, Ate Sarah is here to make me feel better.  And I never thought I’d be getting some comfort (or blind encouragement) from her.  Haha, sobrang #feels, sobrang #hugot, sobrang #tanginalang nangyayari pa pala sakin yung mga ganitong arte.

At ayon kay Ate Sarah:

Sa huli, sa huli ay tayo.

Ngunit ayon sa totebag ko, well. Bakit ko ba naisip yung totebag kong leche na yan.

Fuck you totebag, i’m with Ate Sarah on this one.

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