You always come back to your first love


This is the first Hanson-related post in this blog.  I find this funny because I fucking love Hanson.  I guess it takes total exhaustion at pag walang-wala ka na sa life for me to come crawling back to the one(s) you love the most.

In this case, Hanson.

Last week (during a very rare down time) our MD was walking around our area and caught me watching random Hanson clips online.  I didn’t see that he was standing behind me while I was giggling like a teenage girl over pre-pubescent Taylor Hanson.

“Sanya?  is that Hanson?” he asked.

“Yes” I answer

“Why are you listening to them?” he asked again.

I looked at him, shook my head and asked him to promise me that he won’t lose respect for his Senior Copywriter.

Then I gave him the 411.

“I am a Hanson fan.  Like, a really really really big fan.

I can ramble on about my fandom, but I won’t, to spare you all the gory details.  Instead, I will leave you with songs that I am currently singing along to right now (it’s going to be that kind of week)

Take it away, Taylor Hanson!

Apparently, there was a whole Taylor Hanson set during BTTL 2014.  My fandom approves of this, because honestly, siya naman ang nagpapalaglag-panty talaga compared to the other two.  UGH.  So madami pa pala ‘tong songs, and I want to sing/cry because it’s all my favorite song.

Then for BTTL 2015, this happened:

Tapos may ganito pa:

UGH I love them so much.