You always come back to your first love


This is the first Hanson-related post in this blog.  I find this funny because I fucking love Hanson.  I guess it takes total exhaustion at pag walang-wala ka na sa life for me to come crawling back to the one(s) you love the most.

In this case, Hanson.

Last week (during a very rare down time) our MD was walking around our area and caught me watching random Hanson clips online.  I didn’t see that he was standing behind me while I was giggling like a teenage girl over pre-pubescent Taylor Hanson.

“Sanya?  is that Hanson?” he asked.

“Yes” I answer

“Why are you listening to them?” he asked again.

I looked at him, shook my head and asked him to promise me that he won’t lose respect for his Senior Copywriter.

Then I gave him the 411.

“I am a Hanson fan.  Like, a really really really big fan.

I can ramble on about my fandom, but I won’t, to spare you all the gory details.  Instead, I will leave you with songs that I am currently singing along to right now (it’s going to be that kind of week)

Take it away, Taylor Hanson!

Apparently, there was a whole Taylor Hanson set during BTTL 2014.  My fandom approves of this, because honestly, siya naman ang nagpapalaglag-panty talaga compared to the other two.  UGH.  So madami pa pala ‘tong songs, and I want to sing/cry because it’s all my favorite song.

Then for BTTL 2015, this happened:

Tapos may ganito pa:

UGH I love them so much.

Dulot ng OT


Sometimes I get sudden bouts of regret, which are quickly shooed away from my mind by other more important things, like, work.

Life sucks, but at least I have JaDine.

Wala sa hulog at posibleng may sore eyes.


There’s an epidemic going on in the office.  And that is sore eyes.  My strat planner (who sits next to me) got it last Friday.  My Art Director just got it today.  Slowly but surely, it’s creeping up to me.  I don’t know if it’s just in my head, but my eyes are feeling really itchy and hot.

I’m hoping it’s just in my head.

Because I really don’t want to be down with Sore Eyes considering it’s a long weekend and I plan to do some major eat, pray, love shit somewhere (probably at home, because i’m too scared to go out of town alone).  And since I was able to get an extension for the long weekend (replacement time!) I plan to be productive.  Maybe go PX goods shopping while crying, I don’t know.

Luckily, Ate Sarah is here to make me feel better.  And I never thought I’d be getting some comfort (or blind encouragement) from her.  Haha, sobrang #feels, sobrang #hugot, sobrang #tanginalang nangyayari pa pala sakin yung mga ganitong arte.

At ayon kay Ate Sarah:

Sa huli, sa huli ay tayo.

Ngunit ayon sa totebag ko, well. Bakit ko ba naisip yung totebag kong leche na yan.

Fuck you totebag, i’m with Ate Sarah on this one.

Weird Shit Thursdays


Before I unveil my selected weird shit, I will make kwento first.

I already had a post that I wrote LAST Thursday but it somehow disappeared from my drafts folder.  So now i’m going to have to re-do it all over again.

Mercury retrograde is looming.  I had planned in getting my clearance from my old job done this Monday.  I had a 4pm edit near the area anyway, so I figured… perfect!  I’ll run to old office, get my clearance signed, then run to edit place.  But of course, my previous meeting went on for far too long, so I got lazy and decided to delay getting my clearance from my old job… indefinitely.  But while I was procrastinating in the veranda of my new office (I was reading Tita Susan OK), I read that the Retrograde would start next week, which prompted me to get my lazy ass off the veranda and continue with my scheduled clearance day.

So yay!  I’m hoping to pick up my paycheck next month so I can finally buy a bike! (or a La-Z-Boy, or maybe finally pay off my Credit Card in full).

There, that’s my useless kwento.  On to Weird Shit Thursdays!

This Thursday, I bring you…

THE AVN AWARDS!  It’s the Oscars of the Porn World where they award the best of bedroom athletics!

You’ll see all your favorite stars in the red carpet, fully dressed and being slightly normal human beings!  Which I find weird, hence the clip made it to my #WST.

Enjoy, Motherfuckers!



Look at this!! I’m blogging (almost) everyday!

Today is Tuesday, and in my quest to become a more responsible citizen of the online world, this will be the day where I give out useful tips in life.  Tips that I use and not just dish out, mind you.

Anyway, I just started working for a new agency recently.  I dove into my new job head first, leaving my old job on a Friday and starting the new one Monday.  I don’t have a deathwish, but I do have dedication!

Where am I going with this again?

Ah!  Since the day I set foot in my new job, work has not stopped coming in.  So to help me with concentrating on the jobs that I have to do, I listen to binaural beats to keep my brain awake and focused.  I don’t know if it’s just a placebo, or that I have a weak brain, but hey, this weak brain is churning out work like a motherfucker!

Binaural Beats has been my jam since 2012, when I was researching on “how to calm the mind”.  I think too much (if you haven’t noticed) and my brain, much like me, WILL NOT SHUT UP.  It has to have an opinion about everything.  Everything I see, I have to over-analyse.  Like strange words and how they’re shaped, how much the sound of static scares me, people who resemble of inanimate objects, witty things that I wish I told people who annoy me, misplaced sharp notes, the effect of teleportation in society, the pros of buying a trampoline, what I really want for dinner vs what I think I want for dinner… really dumb stuff that tend to clutter my mind.

Where am I going with this again?

Ah, I was researching on how to calm the mind when I stumbled on the vibration of the earth (7.8 hz), and other new age shit.

Since I discovered binaural beats, i’ve been using it religiously.   I’ve given up on trying to calm the mind.  But it does help me focus and concentrate.  I find that i’m more productive when I’m listening to Binaural Beats (and/or classical music) Basically, anything that has no words.  Worse when it’s Hanson because I sing along to dat shit like it had a purpose.

So before I totally forget, Binaural Beats!

If you have other tips on concentration and other things, feel free to leave a comment!

Monday Blues



I hate people.

People are mean and they do mean things.

They hurt you, they’re hard to talk to, they don’t laugh at your jokes, they break promises and they’re always running late. They’re shallow, can’t hold their alcohol, have so much drama and you have to consistently listen to them like you actually give a shit about what they’re going through.

I hate feelings.

It makes you feel things.

They cloud your judgement. You find yourself doing things that you don’t like.  It makes you talk to people in a strange modulated voice.  It makes you give crappy advice and laugh at dumb jokes.  It makes you promise things that you’re never going to do and you find yourself giving a shit about what they’re going though.

Sometimes, hate myself.

At 29, my problems revolve around boys and braces, taglines and deadlines.  I care little about things that matter, and care more about things that don’t.  I’m always hungry, I’m having trouble sleeping and I spend way too much on useless things such as hotel-grade, 300 thread count egyptian cotton bed sheets (and still i’m having trouble sleeping).  My photoshop skills are crappy, I am powerless in PowerPoint and I absolutely suck in Snapchat (add me up: @runawayrun).

I also complain way too much when there are people who have real problems.

God I need a drink.

Weird Shit Thursdays


I shall christen this day as Weird Shit Thursday!

I occasionally obsess about weird subjects anyway, so I decided to use my new discoveries to populate my dying blog!

Today’s weird shit is from our Korean neighbors!

Muk-bang or mukbang (Korean: 먹방, lit. “eating broadcast”) is a type of performance in which someone eats large quantities of food, while interacting with their audience, for apparent entertainment value. Usually done through a webcast, muk-bang became popular in South Korea in the late 2000s.

How do I revive this trend and how do I get into it plz.

Oh, life.


I really should be updating this more often. 

But since I write for a living, I find it kind of nerdy to be writing on my spare time as well.  But since I have a little time to kill here at work (aka procrastinating) I decided to drop by and say hi to the 42 people that read my blog (I checked out my stats so that’s a real number OK).

So far 2014 has been treating me relatively decently.  Aside from the occasional rugs pulled under me, i’ve been able to hold my ground pretty well (or so I think).  I gave up (what was left of) my social life last year, and decided to just focus on my career for 2014.  I’ve dodged most personal life issues and just plunged head first into this whole advertising business that seems to…

If there’s anything i’ve learned from last year’s past events, is to shut the fuck up.

I am shutting the fuck up.

Good day!



Basketball Appreciation Day


Last week, Charls invited me to a basketball game.




Take note that he not only bribed me with food, he also tried to whore me out to players.  How very unbecoming of a 30-year old.

It took me 30 minutes to put make-up on and pick out an appropriate “neutral” type of outfit.  Then I got stuck in Aurora traffic for another 30 minutes.  Why it’s traffic on a Sunday is beyond me, but I took a picture to prove it.

imageI get to Gateway 5:00pm, ran to Araneta and apologized profusely for being 30 minutes late, Charls was unusually calm for someone who just missed…well, 30 minutes of the game.  It turns out that he purposely gave me a time that was ONE HOUR early from the ACTUAL time the game starts.

I took back my apology and was kinda annoyed (I could have curled my lashes!) and amused (wow, I guess I really am always late for everything!).  So with a little time to kill I attempted to buy “game food” for the full experience (does a triple shot latte count as “game food”?), but the lines were just too damn long and we were going to be late for real.

tiketSo we get to our seats, and the place was full.  Since no one else would believe that I actually went, and I really am that much of a social media slut, I made sure to tweet the experience and post photos as proof on Instagram.  I was also on Line Chat documenting the game to the Helgang.  Every so often I would look up to see what was happening, but it’s either just the ball being passed around or the ugly Pizza mascot dancing.

As you may have already noticed (based on the Line Chat) I know nothing about basketball.   I don’t have any brothers, and I don’t really pay much attention to my Dad (sorry Daddy!).  The few forays I’ve had with the game was when UPIS got into the 2003 UAAP Championship and when I was briefly in a group who handles a brand that has a basketball team.  All I know about basketball I read from a JO or heard from an FGD.  The ball goes into the net, earning you point…that’s all there is to know, right?

GSM_startMy phone died eventually, so I had no choice but to watch the game, and poor Charls had to endure my never-ending questions.

 “you know during a play right, you have acts.  How many acts does a basketball game have?”

“4.  It’s called quarters”

 “how long do these quarters last?”

 “12 minutes each”

 “and the intermission is…”

 “..called ‘halftime’ , 15 minutes long”

 “am I embarrassing you with my questions?”

So during the halftime, something extremely cool happened.  They showed one of our TVCs! I was so happy to see it in context that I cheered really loudly for the duration of the commercial (that’s about 30 seconds).

After that, they started shooting free stuff from small cannons.  That was so much fun to watch.  The crowd would literally swell up and try to catch the T-shirt cylinders.  I prayed that it wouldn’t go near us because that’s how Ned Flanders’ wife Maude died.

The intermission eventually ended, and with my phone battery dead,  I could now pay full attention to the game.  Which meant noticing more things like the orange rubber shoes of one of the players and other game related stuff I couldn’t understand.

“Sorry, last.  Earlier, the Ginebra team was shooting their balls on the left ring, why are they shooting it on the right ring now?”

 “because they change it up after halftime”


The last quarter was when things started to get a little crazy.  The people inside the Araneta Coliseum started chanting, and I mean really chanting “GI-NE-BRA! GI-NE-BRA!” and banging their feet on the floor.  Around me I could see Lolas waving their silk banners, Titos grabbing what’s left of their hair, and couples, YES! couples out on a date to watch a basketball game. THE FGD’S WERE RIGHT! (they almost, always are) they have some crazy fans!

Things got even crazier during the last couple of minutes, because the two teams were points away from each other.  One of the coaches called a “TIME OUT” and they started shooting the shirts to the crowd again.

image[3]When the game resumed, they only had a couple of seconds left so the little Ginebra Guy just stood around with the ball killing time.  He passed it to a tall Ginebra guy and then he threw the ball into the ring!  It went in and Ginebra won!  I immediately knew what the Time Out was about.  I commend you Ginebra Coach, for your wonderful #strat!  At least the first ever Basketball game I saw, my “team” won!

GSM_winningI was pretty happy because I was sure they were going to play the Manly Ginebra March, which I could sing along to because I have different versions of in my laptop.  Instead, they played “We Are the Champions” by Queen.  LAME!

I never got my Subway bribe, nobody ever eats at Subway with me!  But it’s okay, because we had frahd chikin intead and I had fun during my immersion!

The day after the game I got sick and had to take 2 days off of work.