Basketball Appreciation Day


Last week, Charls invited me to a basketball game.




Take note that he not only bribed me with food, he also tried to whore me out to players.  How very unbecoming of a 30-year old.

It took me 30 minutes to put make-up on and pick out an appropriate “neutral” type of outfit.  Then I got stuck in Aurora traffic for another 30 minutes.  Why it’s traffic on a Sunday is beyond me, but I took a picture to prove it.

imageI get to Gateway 5:00pm, ran to Araneta and apologized profusely for being 30 minutes late, Charls was unusually calm for someone who just missed…well, 30 minutes of the game.  It turns out that he purposely gave me a time that was ONE HOUR early from the ACTUAL time the game starts.

I took back my apology and was kinda annoyed (I could have curled my lashes!) and amused (wow, I guess I really am always late for everything!).  So with a little time to kill I attempted to buy “game food” for the full experience (does a triple shot latte count as “game food”?), but the lines were just too damn long and we were going to be late for real.

tiketSo we get to our seats, and the place was full.  Since no one else would believe that I actually went, and I really am that much of a social media slut, I made sure to tweet the experience and post photos as proof on Instagram.  I was also on Line Chat documenting the game to the Helgang.  Every so often I would look up to see what was happening, but it’s either just the ball being passed around or the ugly Pizza mascot dancing.

As you may have already noticed (based on the Line Chat) I know nothing about basketball.   I don’t have any brothers, and I don’t really pay much attention to my Dad (sorry Daddy!).  The few forays I’ve had with the game was when UPIS got into the 2003 UAAP Championship and when I was briefly in a group who handles a brand that has a basketball team.  All I know about basketball I read from a JO or heard from an FGD.  The ball goes into the net, earning you point…that’s all there is to know, right?

GSM_startMy phone died eventually, so I had no choice but to watch the game, and poor Charls had to endure my never-ending questions.

 “you know during a play right, you have acts.  How many acts does a basketball game have?”

“4.  It’s called quarters”

 “how long do these quarters last?”

 “12 minutes each”

 “and the intermission is…”

 “..called ‘halftime’ , 15 minutes long”

 “am I embarrassing you with my questions?”

So during the halftime, something extremely cool happened.  They showed one of our TVCs! I was so happy to see it in context that I cheered really loudly for the duration of the commercial (that’s about 30 seconds).

After that, they started shooting free stuff from small cannons.  That was so much fun to watch.  The crowd would literally swell up and try to catch the T-shirt cylinders.  I prayed that it wouldn’t go near us because that’s how Ned Flanders’ wife Maude died.

The intermission eventually ended, and with my phone battery dead,  I could now pay full attention to the game.  Which meant noticing more things like the orange rubber shoes of one of the players and other game related stuff I couldn’t understand.

“Sorry, last.  Earlier, the Ginebra team was shooting their balls on the left ring, why are they shooting it on the right ring now?”

 “because they change it up after halftime”


The last quarter was when things started to get a little crazy.  The people inside the Araneta Coliseum started chanting, and I mean really chanting “GI-NE-BRA! GI-NE-BRA!” and banging their feet on the floor.  Around me I could see Lolas waving their silk banners, Titos grabbing what’s left of their hair, and couples, YES! couples out on a date to watch a basketball game. THE FGD’S WERE RIGHT! (they almost, always are) they have some crazy fans!

Things got even crazier during the last couple of minutes, because the two teams were points away from each other.  One of the coaches called a “TIME OUT” and they started shooting the shirts to the crowd again.

image[3]When the game resumed, they only had a couple of seconds left so the little Ginebra Guy just stood around with the ball killing time.  He passed it to a tall Ginebra guy and then he threw the ball into the ring!  It went in and Ginebra won!  I immediately knew what the Time Out was about.  I commend you Ginebra Coach, for your wonderful #strat!  At least the first ever Basketball game I saw, my “team” won!

GSM_winningI was pretty happy because I was sure they were going to play the Manly Ginebra March, which I could sing along to because I have different versions of in my laptop.  Instead, they played “We Are the Champions” by Queen.  LAME!

I never got my Subway bribe, nobody ever eats at Subway with me!  But it’s okay, because we had frahd chikin intead and I had fun during my immersion!

The day after the game I got sick and had to take 2 days off of work.